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Do you want to be LuKLabel’s new trainee? Here’s my experience.

Hey, readers of this LuKStory blog!

Have you heard the news? LuKLabel is looking for new trainees! And me – Stefani – as their current trainee, have a lot to tell you about what it’s like to work at LuKLabel!

Before I head out to a chapter full of new adventures, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to reflect on this amazing traineeship period – and perhaps give you an idea of what it is you would be doing as the next great trainee!

Firstly, my motivations for applying for this traineeship position were the following:

  • I needed marketing related experience in order to be able to jump-start my career.
  • I was looking for a company with good values that would let me learn a lot about the areas I’m interested in instead of making coffee all the time.

LuKLabel’s values are sustainability, originality, bravery and great attitude towards anything challenging. That’s why I chose them.

Why did they choose me? You’ll have to ask them, haha! But I’m very glad they did. I can sincerely say that the working atmosphere has been extremely welcoming, full of joy and positivity. All my ideas have been met with a smile and reassurance. And I thank Tiia and Anni for that. Here’s a brief description of my duties:

  • creating captivating stories on instagram about our products
  • planning of the social media feed
  • planning of campaigns and giveaways
  • communication and social interaction with customers
  • creation of facebook and instagram content
  • capturing and editing photos and videos
  • translating copywriting texts
  • keeping up this blog
  • working closely with the founder Tiia and elaborating with her about any ideas she or I might have for our social media

At LuKLabel I was able to put my own twist on any of the work I did and Tiia put a lot of trust in me. I was able to execute my own vision and have fun in the process!

So would I recommend LuKLabel as a work place? Absolutely! It’s one of the most fun places I’ve worked at. If you’re looking to polish your professional skills in a great atmosphere then this place is for you!

Send your application and cover letter to and keep your fingers crossed! Good luck! ♥️

-Stefani / The LuKLabel team

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