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Mom of a kind.

Does that define us as humans or as women? We think that in light of mother’s day coming up this Sunday, we need to discuss more openly everything about what it means to be a mother.

Unconditional love towards our offspring. That is clear. Each and every parent (hopefully) and yes, that includes our lovely dads wants to see their child succeed.

What is success and how do you identify it?

Some want their children to become lawyers or doctors, while others are okay with their child just being happy. Whatever your goal is, your methods in achieving it will be very personal.

With that being said – being a mother is not all you are. You are also a sibling, a daughter, a colleague, a wife and so many other titles that make up, well…you. You are allowed to feel like some days you can’t get up from bed at 7am and wish someone else would take care of the kids. That doesn’t make you a bad mother.

We see all these perfect moms on instagram and facebook buying their children expensive clothes, making them smoothie bowls for breakfast and playing with them all the time, reviewing the latest toys…this can really get to you! The perfectly curated life of the perfect mom – she has a great body, beautiful children and a supportive husband – but that’s not necessarily the truth.

You as a human need time to yourself.

Time during which you explore every aspect of your personality and the pressures you experience as a mother. And tell yourself that it’s okay.

It’s okay if you can’t afford all those great expensive clothes or are not that good at playing catch as long as you are committed to raising good human beings and you do it in any way you know how.

This is why we have launched our #momofakind campaign.

In honor of every mom out there that ever so often feels insecure and overwhelmed by the pressure from social media, other moms or just herself. You’re doing great and you’re one of a kind. It’s safe to say that when your child says you’re the best mom ever – they really mean it. And that’s all that should matter.

Be kind to yourself. Be mindful. Explore your dreams and make time for your hobbies and interests. You need it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

-The LuKLabel team

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