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Budget your wedding – realistically!

Hey LuKLabel family!

There are weddings ranging from 500€ to millions of euros, so it’s important to find your own median and plan according to that. Now, there are many different ways to make a wedding cheaper and we’re going to go through some of them, but it’s important to know that each wedding is very personal and you can (and are advised to) put your own spin and personality on it.

So let’s get planning!


What kind of wedding do you want? On the beach, in a garden, in a barn, a ball hall, a forest? The options are endless – and that affects the price. Consider the season in which you’re getting married, perhaps an outside wedding in January in Finland isn’t the best idea but it might be perfect for June! Is renting an inside venue cheaper than an outside one? Or does your family have a lovely back garden you could use for free? Explore all options and speak to everyone that is paying for the wedding.

2. Think of the guest list.

Now, you might want an intimate wedding with a handful of your closest friends or you might want to invite everyone you’ve ever met and their family but that also affects the price. Feeding 10 people isn’t the same as feeding 200. Besides if you already have a set budget then the less people you invite – the more money there will be for an open bar. Think of it this way – if you have 3500€ set for the wedding and that won’t change – you can either treat a few of your guests REALLY well or you could do a mediocre job for a few more people depending on your wishes. It’s a completely personal choice!

3. Send out invitations on time

Why is this important for budgeting? Because you can plan the guest budget as soon as you know how many of the people you’ve invited can make it to the wedding. Some people reply slowly, so the earlier you send the invitations – the higher the chances that as many people as possible can make it and/or notify you on time if they have some other plans for your big day.

4. Re-evaluate, estimate and create

If after doing some research and calculations your numbers don’t add up – go back and re-evaluate your priorities and spendings. Maybe you’re willing to compromise and not get a professional photographer, but a friend instead who can do the photos not as well, but for half the price? Or reduce the number of guests? Or perhaps choose a cheaper DJ? Or perhaps you could do a lot of the decorations yourself instead of buying them ready for a more expensive price? What is most important to you?

5. Keep yourself accountable

Track your spendings either in a notebook or a spreadsheet/calendar and know exactly how much you’re spending on this wedding. It’s easy to get lost in small details and lose track of where your budget is going. That’s why most budgets go way overboard than originally planned. Try not to spend money on things you thought you “might” use in the wedding – be mindful about where your money is going and what you actually need.

6. Remember to have fun!

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s for a good cause! So remember to have fun. This whole planning process should inspire you and help you reach your goals with the one you love – keep that in mind!

Do you have any other ideas on how to budget a wedding? Comment down below!

We hope this post was somehow useful to you future brides-to-be! Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

The LuKLabel Team

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