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How to teach children about the environment – from home!

We at LuKLabel believe the environment is our most precious asset. It is in our core beliefs and values that we should preserve it as much as possible.

You can see that in the foundations of the company and the way we produce our products. We manufacture only the amounts we sell, we don’t use any plastic and we encourage our customers to shop responsibly by producing things that are recycled and last a long time so they wouldn’t need replacement.

We have always been transparent with the way we work. It is our collective duty as parents (and humans) to teach the next generation about our surroundings and how to protect them. Besides, a habit created as a child is much more likely to stick for life. So let’s raise responsible and kind kids that are mindful of the way they live.

Here are a few ways that are sure to spark your little one’s interest:

Recycle together.

Everything should be turned into a game. Kids love games and they are very curious (and really not afraid to go through a mess). Go over your trash with them and explain what the difference is between metal, paper, bio, glass and all other waste. Then, create a small recycling station just for them and do something nice for them when they fill it up the correct way.

Plant something together.

You don’t need a big garden for this. Just a small pot and a seed. We recommend something that grows fast like a bean, for example – patience is a virtue but kids will definitely lose interest if growing takes too long. Remind them to water their plant regularly and watch their excitement grow as they see those beans sprout and it’s all thanks to them!

Meatless Wednesday.

Or any other day of the week – your choice. You don’t need to be a full-time vegetarian to know that raising cattle (and other meats) costs us a lot of water and creates a lot of CO2 emissions, but every little change counts. Dedicate a day of the week where your family eats vegetarian and use the time each week to explain to your little one what they are consuming, how it has been produced and why is it good for their bodies and the environment.

Clean the house together.

Remember this: If you don’t like cleaning, neither will your kids. Turn on some kid-friendly music in the background and dance with your child while you vacuum! Children can help a lot more with cleaning than you think – just make sure you give them tasks they can actually do like pick up their toys or clean the dust off the surfaces they can reach and of course – keep up their recycling game strong! While you are cleaning, make sure to explain anything you know about the material of the surfaces, the textile, the textures – create an environment where it’s okay to ask questions and it’s okay not to know the answer. Have fun together!

Lights out!

What would we do without electricity! Arguably the best invention to date. However most of it uses finite resources to get to us. Even though electricity is cheap in Finland, it is still a hit on the environment around us. Choose a day of the week where you turn off all lights in the house a little early and light some candles instead. It will create a very ambient and cozy vibe, which you can use to spend time with your kids and tell them bedtime stories or just hear about their day and have a discussion. If they connect the idea of lights being out with safety, quality time and fun stories, they will start turning off the lights by themselves. A great bonus is that they will be less afraid of the dark!

What do you think about these ideas? Let’s start a discussion! Do you have any other suggestions for teaching kids how to be more environmentally friendly?

We would love to read your comments.

Thank you for reading and remember – the change starts with you!

With love,

The LuKLabel team

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